Laser Welding Stainless Steel

Laser welding offers many advantages than conventional welding processes: characteristics such as low heat input and the ability to produce quality welds make lasers a good choice for welding a range of parts, including transmission components, antilock-brake valves; pace-makers, and stainless steel tubes.

A laser beam is focused to a steel surface by mirrors or lenses: the light tipically focuses to a spot of < 1mm diameter. When the focused laser beam intensity is high, it overcomes the heat loss in the parent metal and liquifies, forming a keyhole at the welding point. During welding, the laser melts the stainless steel at the front of the keyhole: the molten steel flows around the keyhole and resolidifies to form the weld.

Lasers provide a high heat concentration, obtained when the beam is focused to a metal or stainless steel surface. This allows deep welds with a minimum of melted material, which can increase production rates and reduce undesirable effects (such as distortion and large heat-affected zones).

In this way very thin materials, like stainless steel tubes or sheets, can be welded without deformation or warping.


Convergent produces lasers suited for welding of stainless steel, with high-peak power and an exceptional quality beam: this characteristics permit to have a costant control of operations without power or position changes.


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