Laser Welding

Laser welding is a full-fledged part of the metalworking industry, routinely producing welds for common items such as watch springs, motor/transformer lamination, hermetic seals, battery and pacemaker cans and hybrid circuit packages.

Laser welding could be used in place of many different standard processes, such as resistance (spot or seam), submerged arc, RF induction, high-frequency resistance, ultrasonic and electron-beam. While each of these techniques has established an independent niche in the manufacturing world, the versatile laser welding approach will operate efficiently and economically in many different applications. Its versatility will even permit the laser welding system to be used for other machining functions, such as cutting, drilling, scribing, sealing and serializing.

The laser welding is mainly used for joining components that need to be joined with high welding speeds, thin and small weld seams and low thermal distortion. The high welding speeds, an excellent automatic operation and the possibility to control the quality online during the process make the laser welding a common joining method in the modern industrial production.

The application range covers finest welding of non-porous seams in medical technology to precision spot welding in electronics or the jewelry industry, to deposit welding in tool and mold-making, to obtain a clear stainless steel weld and processing complete car bodies in automobile construction.

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