Laser Cutting Aluminum

All metallic materials and alloys are highly reflective to light waves: this feature is the main problem that needs to be addressed during a laser cut aluminum operation.

The reflection of light beams by aluminum can cause major damage to the laser machine, especially if the beam is reflected exactly in the emission point (a sort of flashback): it is therefore absolutely necessary to equip with appropriate techniques designed to prevent the return of the laser beam at the point of emission.

In fact, in most cases, laser reflection is caused not only by the aluminum surface, but the so-called “molten bath”, ie a quantity of molten material that is formed in the exact point of contact of the laser with the surface to be cut : obviously then an antireflection spray can not definitively resolve the problem.


The studies and solutions research are constantly advancing, both by private companies both official organizations, and aim to draw up a guide for optimal laser cutting of any possible material.

Currently, the cutting of the aluminum is carried out using an higher power output laser and a compressed gas technology: nitrogen and oxygen allow the precise modeling of a piece of material in aluminum or stainless steel, avoiding excessive heating of the surface and heat affected zones appearance.

Convergent has developed appropriate technologies and is able to ensure absolute accuracy of cut, maximum speed, leaving totally clean the material; thanks to the latest technology Convergent you can get maximum performance laser cutting of light and reflective metals such as aluminum, with no risk of impairment of the machine and equipment.

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