Convergent Photonics is interested in contacting people who share our values and who possess a real passion for innovation and a strong will to develop their skills. Our focus is on all fields of competency:

  • Technical and Scientific for the areas of Research, Innovation and Product Development
  • Economic for the areas of Administration, Finance and Control
  • Commercial for the areas of Marketing, Sales and After-Sales
  • Management for the areas of Production, Project Management, Purchasing, Logistics, Quality, Security and Human Resources
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Prerequisites, regardless of the position sought, are:

  • Knowledge of English: we are an international company. We need to be able to communicate with everyone.
  • Willingness to travel: we have offices and customers in many countries. We must always be where our competency is needed.
  • Aptitude for change: our target markets are dynamic. We must know how to respond to their needs and motivations.
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What do we ask of the youngest among you?

Desire to learn

What more do we ask of the more experienced?

To share their knowledge
To be an example to the younger 
To still be willing to learn

If you recognise yourself in these characteristics, we may be exactly what you are looking for.

We therefore invite you to fill in the 'work with us' form on this page, attaching your CV.

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What defines our identity

Our values


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