The full solution, including diodes, is designed and manufactured in-house.


The compact dimensions make it extremely easy to incorporate the CSt200 into a wide variety of medical devices.


By modulating pulse duration and thus peak power, it can be employed in a wide variety of applications, from cutting to vaporising.


The release fibre that is significantly smaller than other laser systems ensures greater surgical efficiency.


It generates 50% less noise (at comparable settings) than previous laser types (e.g. Holmium YAG).


Significantly reduced dimensions, easy maintenance, wall socket efficiency > 22% to meet all needs of BioMed device standards.

Convergent Photonics' CSt Thulium Fibre Laser Series is the new family of medical lasers we have designed to best meet your needs in medical markets. The solution is based on thulium fibre laser technology, also designed and manufactured entirely by Convergent Photonics.

Thulium fibre laser technology has recently been introduced to the medical world globally as a revolutionary new tool for a number of surgical applications.

TFL is a versatile laser energy source that, compared to other lasers, offers a perfect 'mix' of cutting and clotting, and minimises blood loss. Its features also include very low tissue penetration, which allows a precision surgical approach without damaging other body functions.

The TFL operates with a primary emission wavelength at 1,940 nm, which corresponds to the absorption peak of water in the soft tissues, consequently showing an exceptional tissue ablation rate.

Laboratory tests on synthetic kidney stones have shown that this advanced technology is able to crush and reduce stones in half the time taken by other laser systems, providing excellent results in terms of unblocking (minimising the risk of bleeding) and post-operative irritative symptoms (reducing hospitalisation by 50%).

CSt200 is one of the powerful models in the thulium fibre laser family offered by Convergent Photonics.

CSt200 is designed to cover a variety of surgical applications (already performed pre and clinical trials):

CHEST AND LUNG SURGERY: the use of the CSt200 in this field has recently been explored, revealing interesting features compared to alternative and more established methods.

LITHOTRIPSY OF KIDNEY STONES: the Super Pulse and High Power CSt series are now available for amazing results compared to conventional Holmium:YAG flash lamps.

ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY: CSt200 is an ideal solution for the treatment of BPH and ENT. It can be used in a variety of techniques (enucleation, vaporisation and resection), demonstrating remarkable usage flexibility, safety and reliability.

Wavelength: 1940nm (1930-1950nm)

Mean output power: 200W

Peak power: 300W

Operating modes: CW e QCW

Pulse frequency: 1 – 2500Hz

Fibre diameter (core): 25m

Cooling: Water

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