Medically, laser systems are the surgeon's priceless allies in many procedures, from routine operations such as bile stone lithotripsy, to more complex resection surgeries, to routine aesthetic treatments (skin and vascular rejuvenation, hair removal, treatment of benign pigmented lesions).

State-of-the-art technology provides you with a wide range of sources and wavelengths suitable for the most varied of surgical procedures. But which to choose?

To provide you with a solution that is both versatile and reliable, guaranteeing the high performance you expect, we have developed a family of lasers with different wavelengths that have their own specific effect on biological tissue. The combination of laser-tissue interaction and the operating parameters of the laser determine the final overall effect of the laser system during surgery.

The Convergent Photonics' product range includes high-energy laser sources used to cut and weld tissue, and low-energy laser sources whose shorter wavelength laser light can penetrate deep into the skin, interacting with the internal structure of cells and producing an effective bio-stimulating action.

You only have to choose.

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