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BlueJewel’s minimally invasive laser beam allows you to weld small objects with great care and precision, without risk of deforming them.


With BlueJewel you can expand or reduce the part of the material you wish to cast, handling different metals such as gold, silver, aluminium and bronze.


BlueJewel guarantees you particularly strong, durable welds.


Due to the concentrated power of the laser beam, the fusion point of materials can be reached faster on small areas.

Based on Delta laser technology, BlueJewel is the new family of multi-emitter laser diodes in the visible region (450nm, blue range) and incorporates all control and power electronics and laser diode cooling devices. It is a compact rack source with a power of up to 200W, with all safety features, power monitor, control interface via USB port on board, and is directly powered from the mains.

The main applications are for material processing of precious jewellery materials.

In a welding context, the laser is one of the most innovative techniques for this type of processing today. The BlueJewel family specifically stands out when the problem is processing jewellery, bracelets and precious metals, guaranteeing more precise and premium welds than traditional techniques.

BlueJewel operates on a wavelength of 450nm and a power of 200W that can be modulated to suit the type of material you intend to process. The use of BlueJewel is very advantageous in terms of practicality, thanks to the compact dimensions of the rack that is easy to incorporate in different types of machinery, and in terms of process saving time, as the laser beam is concentrated on small surfaces, accelerating the fusion process and guaranteeing first class results.

Output Wavelength 450nm

Nominal Peak Power Output (W) 170(min) – 210(max) 

Average Output Power (W) 170(min) – 190(max) 

Operation mode CW and QCW

Power tunability 10 - 100%

Pulse energy 2.3 J

Pulsing Frequency 1 – 2500 Hz

Pulsing width 0.1 to 12 ms

Spectral width (FM/HM) 5.0 nm

Polarization random

Feeding fiber core diameter 300 μm

Feeding fiber NA 0.20

Feeding fiber length (m) 1.0, or as requested

Output connector SMA905 / D80

Minimum bend radius 5.0 cm

Aiming diode wavelength (<2mW) 635 nm

Laser operating voltage (VAC) 90(min) – 250(max)

Laser power consumption (measured in CW) 700W

Laser Cooling 35% Glycol mix

Cooling cap 500 W

Max pressure 6.0 bar

Min flow 3.0 L/Min

Temperature 25°C

Water cooling connection 10 mm

Operating environment 18° - 30°C

Relative humidity (non condensing) 50%

Dimensions (mm) 440 (W) / 125 (H) / 670 (L)

Weight 17 Kg

Ingress protection rating (IEC60529) IP54

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