High operative efficiency

Low operating costs resulting from energy efficiency and minimal maintenance required.

High reliability

For over 40 years, Convergent Photonics has been a leading international player in the design and manufacture of CO2 laser sources for industrial applications.


Verticalised production

All the source’s main technological components, including the power supply (HVPS - High Voltage Power Supply System), are manufactured in-house, with the entire product life cycle and all operating stages being overseen and guaranteeing a reliable, qualitatively competitive product.


With a power range from 0.2 to 5 Kw

CO2 laser sources are the best compromise for using this technology in the most diverse fields of application and for processing a wide range of materials. Unlike other laser sources, CO2 systems are particularly effective in cutting highly reflective materials (aluminium, copper, brass and steel) and show high surface quality when cutting thicker metals (> 15 mm).

Its extreme versatility means it can be used in different contexts, making it possible to switch from one type of machining to another without the need for complex settings and configurations. Compared to other industrial processes, such as plasma cutting machines, laser technology has the advantage of being more precise and using less energy when cutting materials, even when thicknesses are high.

Applications: Brasing



                     Heat treatment


                    Additive Manufacturing

Apart from their high cutting quality standards, the strong points of CO2 lasers undoubtedly include flexibility in the production process and their possible application to many types of materials, metallic and non-metallic. Here are some examples:


  • Carbon steel (up to 25 mm)
  • Stainless steel (up to 15 mm)
  • Aluminium alloys (up to 10 mm)
  • Brass Titanium and its alloys.


  • Plexiglass
  • Paper
  • Leather
  • Ceramics
  • Plastic
  • Compound materials
  • Wood

The CO2 laser is, in fact, a source in which gas is electrically excited by a high-voltage discharge and uses carbon dioxide as the medium for generating laser radiation. This is why it also belongs to the group of so-called gas lasers. Its wavelength is in the mid-infrared range. Convergent Photonics CO2 lasers offer optimal energy flow distribution and noteworthy electrical efficiency, especially by comparison with lasers powered by the RF (radio frequency) method. The fast axial flow resonator allows high power to be generated without impairing laser beam quality, a necessity for the most demanding cutting and welding tasks. Our products are designed using the most advanced optoelectronic technology on the market, prioritising ease of use and installation, and offering a robust, reliable product with a low maintenance cost.

CM lasers have a turbine with magnetic bearings to reduce maintenance and operating costs, and are equipped with a smart gas supply system to reduce gas consumption.

The CX laser range, on the other hand, is the best entry-level solution in the quality/price ratio for cutting and welding materials of different thicknesses in 2D and 3D, without sacrificing excellent performance and undisputed reliability. The resonator is developed with a proprietary technology that guarantees laser beam stability thanks to its carbon fibre structure.

Wavelength: 10.6 µm

Laser power: min. 200W – max 5000W

Working environment: min. 10°C – max 400°C


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