Robust design.

Long-term military and industrial experience guarantees a robust, reliable product, even in extreme environmental conditions


With power ratings from 1kW to 10kW

Back-reflection protection

Efficiency and precision even on highly reflective materials

One-stop Shop

The complete solution, including diodes, is designed and manufactured in-house


Low operating costs due to energy and electro-optical efficiency and the minimal maintenance required


Compact, easily integrated into the system and with low maintenance costs

From its origins to the present day, laser technology has evolved exponentially to the point of becoming one of the main tools used in the metalworking industry and beyond. For a long time, sheet metal cutting was performed with powerful industrial CO2 lasers able to guarantee high stability, relatively high efficiency and excellent beam quality. Today, however, fibre sources, which are already used in welding, are also an excellent alternative when it comes to cutting. On the global market, trends point to a large increase in sales of fibre lasers, especially in the automotive sector, for marking, engraving or cutting various types of metal and, in some cases, plastics. Among the main features of our CF lasers are their high performance and significant energy savings, together with a robust and compact design requiring minimal maintenance.

Our CF lasers are easy to integrate into different machine configurations and are also available with the FFS (Fibre-Fibre-Switch) function, which allows the laser to be used on different workstations to maximise efficiency.

Applications:    Cutting
                         Heat treatment

Some metals act as a near-perfect mirror for laser light and can reflect high-energy laser beams in all directions, posing risks and problems for bystanders and materials. CF family sources have a built-in beam dump for the reflecting laser light, so that the laser source itself has back-reflection protection.

HTC (High Thickness Cutting) Option

Available on all fibre lasers with a power rating higher than 6kW, this function can improve the cutting quality of steel and aluminium, while maintaining high precision even on thinner metals.

Wavelength: 1070 – 1080 nm

Laser power: min. 300W – max 10000W

Working environment: min. 5°C – max 50°C


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