As a result of the laser's ability to deliver huge amounts of thermal energy with very high precision and at great speed, the attention of researchers immediately turned to its application in materials processing. So in recent decades, industrial lasers have enjoyed significant commercial success, offering more and more reliable, superior and efficient models, in terms of both performance and consumption.

Present on the industrial laser market for over 60 years, today Convergent Photonics designs and produces laser sources (diodes, fibre and CO2) of  up to 10 kW with high performance and low consumption. Convergent Photonics sources are not only applied to metalworking (cutting, brasing, cladding, marking, welding, etc.), but are also successfully used in the additive manufacturing market.


More than sixty years of laser technology research and development.


Application in metalworking and additive manufacturing.


We work and design our systems for a sustainable world.

Application examples

Our work, in practice.

  • Stand-alone hybrid laser source, suitable for any application
  • Fibre laser source for 3D laser cutting machine.

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